August 2016

23 Aug Marine Insurance Claims

Boat Insurance & Marine Insurance Florida is known around the world as a prime destination for boaters, especially during the winter months when the weather is pleasant and annual boat shows are regularly held. The Palm Beach International Boat show is truly a special event showcasing everything...

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water damage adjuster florida

25 May Commercial Insurance Claims

Commercial insurance claims can be very different than residential homeowner’s insurance claims. Structures in Palm Beach County such as warehouses, business plazas, or medical offices generally are written under a commercial insurance lines policy. Policy coverages vary widely from one commercial insurance company to another and...

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vandalism insurance claim florida

13 Apr Vandalism Damage Claims in Florida

Vandalism Damage Claims

As a landlord in Florida, you worry about many things. The prime worry is damage to your property that is caused by the weather. Roofs may start leaking, and natural disasters may damage other areas of the home that you own. Because you have tenants living inside, it is important to get damages fixed immediately so that their way of life is not altered. They depend on you to keep the roof over their head in the best condition, which is reiterated monthly with the delivery of their monthly payment. Inspecting your property regularly can help prevent these damages, but there are also other damaged that you can encounter.
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04 Apr Theft and Burglary Damage – South Florida Public Adjuster

Theft and Burglary Damage Claims

Imagine that you are just getting home from work after a long, hard day at the office. You pull up to your house and notice that the glass on your front door appears to be broken. You immediately get that sinking feeling in your stomach as you put your car in park and turn the key to the off position. Walking toward the door, you sigh heavily as you turn the knob and it opens. You didn’t leave it unlocked, but it is unlocked now.
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Sink Holes in Florida - Public Insurance Adjusters

28 Mar Sink Hole Damage in South Florida

[caption id="attachment_15783" align="aligncenter" width="770"]Image Credit: Rob Melendez via WIKI Commons Image Credit: Rob Melendez via WIKI Commons[/caption]

Sink Hole Damage Claims

Sink hole damage is becoming more and more apparent in Florida and surrounding areas. Homes and other property can be consumed by the ground below, with what seems like no warning. If you pay attention to the area surrounding your home and possessions, you may be able to identify the possibility of sink hole forming. You just need to know what to look for.
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10 Mar What is a Public Adjuster?

Professionals that you can hire to advocate for you during the insurance claims process are called public adjusters. They will only work with policyholders and do not under any circumstances work for the insurance company. There are two types of insurance adjusters that the company...

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lightning damage south florida

02 Mar Lightning Damage Claims

Lightning Damage Claims There is more lightning per square mile in South Florida than in any other region in the USA.  Lightning is actually present more than one hundred days out of the year in the state, which results in a lot of damage to homes and...

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25 Feb Roof Damage Claims South Florida

Roof Damage Claims South Florida One of the most common homeowners’ claims in Florida is roof damage. Roof damage can occur at any time, and won’t always have any warning signs. Some damage happens over time, and other damage happens overnight. A common cause for roof damage...

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