December 2018

marine insurance claims boca raton

14 Dec Understanding Marine Insurance

As the owner of a boat, yacht, or other watercraft, is it important to understand your marine insurance policy and be prepared in the event that you need to make a marine insurance claim. Boats are expensive enough as is, so you want to make...

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wellington insurance claims

13 Nov South Florida Marine Insurance Claims

South Florida Marine Insurance Claims South Florida is a boaters dream. With much of the state enjoying shoreline, waterways or close proximity to water access, the number of boat owners in much higher than most other areas of the state. With a wide variety of options...

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marine insurance claims boca raton

13 Jun Different Types of Marine Insurance in Florida

Marine Insurance is a term that generally encompassed a variety of insurance types for marine vehicles. Understanding the various types of marine insurance is particularly critical for marine businesses. Some of the types of marine insurance include hull insurance, machinery insurance, P&I insurance, liability insurance,...

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yacht insurance claims boca raton

10 May All About Marine Insurance Claims

Ship owners and marine businesses should have marine insurance policies to cover them against losses, damages, injuries, or death. Many ship owners do not understand or know the intricacies of their marine insurance policies, which is needed when making a claim. Knowing what is involved...

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