Criminal and Theft Damage Claims

04 Apr Theft and Burglary Damage – South Florida Public Adjuster

Theft and Burglary Damage Claims

Imagine that you are just getting home from work after a long, hard day at the office. You pull up to your house and notice that the glass on your front door appears to be broken. You immediately get that sinking feeling in your stomach as you put your car in park and turn the key to the off position. Walking toward the door, you sigh heavily as you turn the knob and it opens. You didn’t leave it unlocked, but it is unlocked now.
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09 Jul Property Theft Claims & Vandalism Damage in West Palm Beach Florida

The average homeowner thinks that their property insurance covers only catastrophic events such as a fire damages or hurricane damage. However, more coverage exists under most general insurance policies. One coverage that seems to be overlooked often is theft and vandalism. Generally speaking the insurance policy will cover...

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