Older Homes in Florida

29 Jan Older Homes in Florida

Many people are drawn to older homes in Florida because they have a character and charm not found in newer construction. Others, seeing good bones and recognizing the home’s potential, plan to flip or renovate it. Regardless of the motivation, buying an old home—25-100 years—can be a dream...

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marine insurance claims boca raton

14 Dec Understanding Marine Insurance

As the owner of a boat, yacht, or other watercraft, is it important to understand your marine insurance policy and be prepared in the event that you need to make a marine insurance claim. Boats are expensive enough as is, so you want to make...

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wellington insurance claims

13 Nov South Florida Marine Insurance Claims

South Florida Marine Insurance Claims South Florida is a boaters dream. With much of the state enjoying shoreline, waterways or close proximity to water access, the number of boat owners in much higher than most other areas of the state. With a wide variety of options...

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marine insurance claims boca raton

13 Jun Different Types of Marine Insurance in Florida

Marine Insurance is a term that generally encompassed a variety of insurance types for marine vehicles. Understanding the various types of marine insurance is particularly critical for marine businesses. Some of the types of marine insurance include hull insurance, machinery insurance, P&I insurance, liability insurance,...

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public adjuster boca raton fl

05 May What is a Claims Adjuster?

What is a Claims Adjuster? A public claims adjuster, also known as an insurance adjuster, public adjuster, public insurance adjuster, insurance claims specialist, or private adjuster, is a professional advocate for a policyholder who helps assess, appraise, and negotiate the amount of monetary compensation a...

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23 Aug Marine Insurance Claims

Boat Insurance & Marine Insurance Florida is known around the world as a prime destination for boaters, especially during the winter months when the weather is pleasant and annual boat shows are regularly held. The Palm Beach International Boat show is truly a special event showcasing everything...

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lightning damage south florida

26 May Florida Lightning

Lightning is so common in Florida, that experts have named Florida as the lightning capital of the world or also known as lightning alley. It is commonly associated with strong storms, high winds, and hail in Florida, and little is spared in its path. After a...

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