Fire Damage Claims In Fort Lauderdale

As unfortunate as it is, we see homes struck by fire damage across Fort Lauderdale on a daily basis. Homeowners and business owners alike are forced to witness their very lives do a 180° turn. Most feel hopeless, with nowhere to go and nobody to turn to. In the heat of it all, it may seem like the only login step is to speak with your insurance provider and figure out how to start over again. While insurance providers are there assist you in your time of need, keep in mind that they tend to minimize your return as much as possible to lessen how much they have to payout. They’ll ultimately look out for themselves first when you need them most.

While it may seem like you have no other options, you don’t have to go through this alone. The team here at Reliant Public Adjusters has spent years working with people on their fire damage claims in Fort Lauderdale to ensure they get the best possible result. We have the necessary experience, expertise, and knowledge to help Fort Lauderdale homeowners and business owners navigate the hurdles your insurance provider may throw your way. Our goal is to make sure your claim is handled fairly from start to finish.

Types Of Fire Damage Claims

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  • Fire Damage: As the fire rages inside your Fort Lauderdale home or business, it leaves a wake of destruction in its path. Everything from your personal belongings to the paint on the walls are burnt to a crisp, leaving a layer of thick soot on everything. While it’s only natural to worry about the damage the fire may cause, heat, soot, and smoke can leave invisible damage throughout a room or entire building. After you’ve experienced a fire in your home/business, it’s absolutely crucial that you itemize all of your belongings to get the best possible evaluation of your losses. Our public adjusters will assist you through this process to make sure you’re getting the fairest amount.
  • Smoke Damage: Following a fire, it can be easy to just focus on everything burned, but the smoke created by the inferno is just as serious. Different types of smoke create different types of damage, such as wet smoke or protein residue smoke. These can dig deep into clothes and other materials, rendering them total losses. If you’ve gone through a fire damage claim in Fort Lauderdale that’s left serious smoke damage, Reliant Adjusters Group can help.
  • Water Damage: During a fire, your home or business can actually sustain heavy amounts of water damage from a number of different sources. Businesses equipped with fire sprinklers can expect to experience heavy amounts of water on the ground. Firefighters suppressing flames utilize high pressure systems to fight the flames, while high heats can cause pipes to burst and stagnant water to spray everywhere. This can lead to hidden water or possible mold damage. Water will need to be removed immediately, or it can leave lasting damage that goes far beyond a fire’s immediate effects.





If you or a loved one has been affected by a blaze and is going through the process of filing  fire damage claims in Fort Lauderdale, Reliant Adjusters Group is here to help. To learn more, simply contact us online or give us a call at (561) 929-9826.


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