Fire Damage Claims In Boca Raton

Fire damage is, unfortunately, one of the most common property damage claims seen throughout Boca Raton. Experiencing a fire in your home or business can be absolutely devastating, leaving you to pick up the pieces and wonder where to go or what to do next. The typical homeowner/business owner will rush to contact their insurance provider as the next logical step. Your insurance company will feel for you in this awful situation, however they will ultimately look to protect themselves from paying out more than they’d like to. This can leave you getting substantially less to cover the damages and loss of property. When you’re looking to get back to normal and ensure your family is safe, they’re doing everything available to them to save as much money as possible. 

While it may seem like you have no other options, you don’t have to go through the fire damage claims in Boca Raton process alone. For years, Reliant Adjusters Group has made it our mission to help property owners get the best possible result from their insurance provider. Thanks to our years of dedicated work on fire damage claims, we’re able to provide the most knowledge and experience required to maximize your return. We’ll work alongside you to help negotiate and navigate the process required by your insurance provider.

Types Of Fire Damage Claims

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  • Fire Damage: When to rage on, fires can cause extensive damage in their wake. It can leave your property nearly unrecognizable. Aside from the visual damage of broken walls and burn marks, fires can leave hidden damage in their wake, as soot, smoke, and heat can destroy & warp everything from your clothes to the walls themselves. After a fire has subsided and has been deemed safe to reenter, we strongly recommend conducting a full inventory of your belongings. This will give you the chance to itemize and price out everything you may have lost during the fire. Our public adjusters will work alongside you to make sure your insurance provider gives you the best possible return on your claim for anything on your inventory.
  • Smoke Damage: Following any fire, it’s essential that you don’t just immediately try to salvage any items that look as if they’re in good condition. Smoke caused by a fire can actually leave hidden smoke damage caked in clothing, bedding, and other clothes. Smoke damage can be in the form of anything from a thick layer of soot and odor to a total loss of an item. If your home has experienced extensive smoke damage, we can help you throughout the process of detailing it during fire damage claims in Boca Raton.
  • Water Damage: Water damage can actually be one of the most serious types of damage to come out of a fire besides the damage the actual blaze causes. Whether from fire defense systems like sprinklers or the actual firefighters trying to put the inferno out, water left over can actually be extremely damaging to your property. Stagnant water left to sit can actually cause mold to form and cause hidden damage that can’t be seen right away. Any water dispersed to fight the fire must be displaced immediately once the property is deemed safe to enter. 





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