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Home Insurance Claims

Reliant Adjusters Group has extensive knowledge negotiating and settling damaging home insurance claims to obtain more money for your repairs. Many people believe they are responsible for being out of pocket to repair water damages or other damages because of the lack of water damage insurance coverage or other relevant coverage.

A home insurance adjuster, or home adjuster for short, is your best friend when it comes to ensuring that that insurance company doesn’t undercut your claim value. A Reliant home insurance adjuster will work with you to maximize your reimbursement from homeowners insurance claims (specific home insurance claims).

Home Insurance Adjuster

Our company handles a wide array of home insurance claims, from flooring to roofs and everything in between. Reliant Adjusters Group, Inc. has been serving South Florida since 2005 and we believe in personalized customer service and detailed and ethical claims adjusting.

There are many areas in your home where damage may occur. Kitchens are one example, as they are notorious for water leaks and resulting water damage. Plumbing pipe leaks inside your kitchen cabinets can discolor or warp the wood and even cause mold growth. It is imperative to catch water damage early to prevent further water and mold damage from occurring. We can assist with water damage insurance claims.

Don’t miss your opportunity to get paid the money you are due.

In addition to kitchens, bathrooms are also vulnerable to water damage. Leaks within showers, shower pans, toilets, and sinks can cause damage to your flooring, walls, and furniture. Water can even accumulate behind shower walls causing mold to form, which can be a health threat to people with compromised immune systems, such as children and elderly.

Homeowners Insurance Claims

There are as many different homeowners insurance claims as there are homes:

  1. Every situation is unique, with a different set of unique circumstances and factors to consider from the type of insurance to policy coverage elements to the specifics of the damage type and value assessments.
  2. Documentation is key when it comes to arbitration as you want to present as strong a case as possible to avoid giving the insurance companies any loopholes to use to avoid paying you the highest value. Take as many pictures as possible from the first discovery of damages, and make sure to call an adjuster immediately as we can help ensure you don’t make any mistakes that cost you money.
  3. We can help with every type of home insurance claims or homeowners insurance claim you could possibly need from water damage to fire (and smoke) damage to less common homeowner insurance claims that require an experienced and technical professional.

Home Adjuster

Contact a Reliant home adjuster if you have any questions regarding home insurance claims that you may have recently encountered.

Be sure to consult with a licensed public adjuster before you file a claim to ensure you have the best chance at the maximum claim.

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