Hurricane Damage Claims In Lauderhill

Every year from July through November, homeowners and business owners of Lauderhill hunker down and prepare for the annual stream of hurricanes that make its way through Florida. While many South Floridians don’t take them seriously, hurricanes and tropical storms alike carry severe dangers with them, such as extreme wind speeds, torrential downpours, and other hazards that put you and your loved ones at risk. While Palm Beach and South Florida building codes have grown over the years to better protect homes and commercial properties from these storms, a strong enough storm can still cause significant damage.

We always hope that it doesn’t happen to us, however there may come a time when your home, office, or property has been damaged by a hurricane or tropical storm. This can be a very taxing experience for you and your loved ones to experience. Understandably, your first instinct is to contact your insurance provider. While they may feel for you in this time of need, your insurance provider has different financial goals. Whatever your damage claim may be, they’re doing what they can to ensure they provide you with the smallest claim amount possible, despite your struggles. Too often do we see this happen, and too often do we find families, business owners, and property managers alike feel lost, and with nowhere to turn. 

It may feel like there’s no hope to rebuild and get your lives back on track, but you’re not alone. Before filing hurricane damage claims in Lauderhill, make sure you contact us. The team here at Reliant Adjusters Group is always prepared to help you through such a difficult time and navigate the claims process. We’ve made it our mission to help you and your loved ones navigate the claims process and get the most out of it. We fight for you throughout the hurricane damage claims in Lauderhill process, and walk you through each step. 

Some of the most common types of claims we see following hurricanes include:

Wind Damage Claims In Lauderhill

Living in Palm Beach County and South Florida for an extended period can make you almost numb to the number of storms that pass through every year. However, while 100 storms can come and go and not cause severe damage, all it takes is that one. Tropical storms have wind speeds of anywhere from 39-74 miles per hour, which is significant enough to cause light to moderate damage to your roof. As hurricanes go up in category, they can reach sustained wind speeds beyond 157 miles per hour, causing major damage to your home and the surrounding area. High wind speeds can rip and tear through roofs, your home’s first line of defense. In fact, higher wind speeds can even uplift trees, down power lines, and overturn cars as if they weighed nothing. 

If your home or property has been damaged by heavy winds due to a hurricane, Reliant Adjusters Group is here to help. Rather than your insurance provider deciding how much to give you, we take you through each step of evaluating the damage, and getting the right claim amount to get the necessary repairs or replacements.

Water Damage Claims In Lauderhill

Hurricanes and other heavy storms typically bring a significant amount of rain, and depending on the area, flooding. Coastal neighborhoods are much more susceptible to flooding directly from the ocean, however sustained downpours can cause flash floods throughout streets, underpasses, and even your home. 

Our team has come across a number of homes and offices that are left with inches of water to wade through, causing serious damage to your belongings. This can also potentially lead to deeper issues such as damage to your walls and floors, as well as hidden mold left to form. Any water left in your home needs to be removed immediately to avoid further damage, or you can find yourself with spores forming in your walls, roof, floors, etc.

The Reliant Adjusters Group are experts in evaluating the extent of water damage and can help you through every hoop and hurdle you face throughout the water damage claims in Lauderhill process. 

The entire Reliant Adjusters Group is available 24/7 to assist you through this difficult time. To learn more, contact us online or give us a call at (561) 929-9826.


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