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FACT: Policyholders who hired a public adjuster for non-catastrophic claims received 574% more money than those
who did not hire a public insurance adjuster according to average claims data.

Our team will assist you from start to finish, leading you every step from prep to the presentation of the claim. We will assist you with regards to filling out the right forms, preparing inventory lists, estimating damages and coverage, even help find a temporary place for you to live in… plus anything else you may need.

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Don’t settle for a low insurance settlement.

Our Palm Beach Public Adjusters are highly trained, incredibly experienced, and driven to get YOU the maximum value on YOUR insurance claim.

Public Insurance Adjusters Palm Beach

Reliant insurance adjusters have built a strong reputation across all of Palm beach County by consistently getting clients the highest returns on their damages, and we are a leading public adjusting company across all of South Florida. If you need a public adjuster in Palm Beach County to file your property insurance claim, marine claim, water damage claim, commercial claim, vandalism claim, fire damage claim, smoke damage claim, or hurricane damage claim (or other storm damage claim) then you have found the best in the business at representing you and your interests.
Palm Beach Public Adjusters

Palm Beach Public Adjuster

We Make Sure the Insurance Company Can’t Minimize Your Payout!

For more details, please call our office (561) 929-9826.

There is nowhere in the world like South Florida. The blend of cultures and lifestyles is only matched by the heavy influx of tourism, which all revolves around weather patterns that are enviable worldwide during 90% of the year. Even storm season brings its share of beauty and wonder. Yet with all this tropical weather and vacation lifestyle comes an array of periodic issues to be dealt with, which is why we pay our premiums and invest in insurance to cover our home, business, property, and assets.

Public Adjusters Palm Beach FL

Insurance Claims Palm Beach
Palm Beach, Florida, is located on a small barrier island just off of West Palm Beach, and this island town is home to some of the most elite and wealthiest people in America. Palm Beach is also the overarching county.

Palm Beach has a year-round population of just over 10 thousand, and is home to some interesting American history from Henry Flager’s Railroad in the early 1900’s, to famous hotels such as the Breakers, and the fact that it was once the home to legendary rock star John Lennon.

With the busy lifestyle that comes along with owning large and luxurious properties in Palm Beach, many have turned to hiring professionals when emergency situations arise, and a reliable Palm Beach insurance adjuster ensures that they receive the maximum value on any damage to their belongings or estate.

Our Public Adjusting Firm, Reliant Adjusters Group Inc. specializes in representing high-end properties that have been damaged and Palm Beach insurance claims.

Water Damage Palm Beach

We cover a wide range of damages from water damage and mold damage to fire damage and smoke damage just to name a few. Other kinds of relevant adjustments include boat and marine damage.

Living in South Florida means a lot of potential for water issues from the potential for flooding during storm season to leaky roofs to burst pipes.

Fire Damage Palm Beach

Fire damage Palm Beach claims and smoke damage claims are often the largest claims we see, and it is a little-known fact that the smoke can be even more damaging than the fire. Often times, even the smallest fire can cause an immense amount of damage and result in a very costly cleanup from start to finish. Fire damage claims definitely require the help of a public claims adjuster because the dollars at risk are so high and the insurance companies hire their own insurance adjusters to work very hard towards minimizing these claim values.

Storm and Wind Damage Claims

Third on the most common list are the hurricane claims (or storm claims) as our tropical climate in Florida consistently spawns wind and rain storms, as well as periodic Hurricanes or even Tornadoes. Many storms can leave a swath of damage behind them and even the lightest hit from a wind storm can damage everything from the roof to your business. In a time of medium to catastrophic damage, a public insurance adjuster can provide shelter from the insurance storm of paperwork and filing bureaucracy that is sure to follow, and help you get the maximum monetary value you need to get back to life as normal.

Public Adjuster Palm Beach County

A recent situation we had assisted an owner with occurred when a toilet water supply line in an elite estate burst late one evening causing thousands of gallons of water to pour out over custom wood flooring and down several floors into the spaces underneath their kitchen cabinets. It is common that water will migrate through the floorboards and become trapped underneath. This is where the water starts to create an environment that contributes to mold growth.

If you ever face a situation where you are dealing with water issues from above or below, always start by calling a professional immediately or contact us directly and we will recommend a reliable and discreet service capable of handling the matter before it devolves.

Most clients at Reliant Adjusters Group will call us to represent them from the beginning and here’s why: Properly documenting, filing, and negotiating your loss from the beginning usually means a faster turnaround time for your insurance checks so you can start your repairs. Another important step to take is to minimize the amount of damage. If it’s wet, dry it as soon as possible. Making sure you hire the right company to perform your dry out is essential and it can be confusing sifting through ads and reading reviews when you need assistance immediately.

Palm Beach Insurance AdjustersIf there is mold, have a licensed company contain it to prevent it from spreading until professionals are able to document it properly and have a licensed mold contractor remove it.

Many of our clients are away at least part of the year and working with a company like ours that they can trust will make life easier at every step. We help get the right people in place and then get you the full amount owed.

Reliant Adjusters takes pride in our reputation for getting things done right the first time and then keeping them up to date and fully prepared. We handle Palm Beach insurance claims with professional expertise and experienced discretion. 

Some Palm Beach properties are historic and are required to be kept to their original appearance.

It takes a skilled claims negotiator to obtain a fair settlement, that’s why most people we know hire a licensed public insurance adjuster to assist with their property claim.

Insurance companies have their own team working for them during the claims process, whose sole responsibility is to minimize your claim.

That’s why it’s wise for you to also seek a professional that looks out for your best interest.

Give us a call and we will ensure that you get the best.

For more details, please call our office (561) 929-9826.

Don’t live in Palm Beach or need an insurance claim filed in a different city?

We cover all your South Florida public adjusters needs, providing Palm Beach County public adjusters including Boynton Beach public adjusters, Delray Beach public adjusters, West Palm Beach public adjusters, Lake Worth, Jupiter public adjusters, Boca Raton public adjusters, Treasure Coast public adjusters, Juno Beach public adjusters, and Wellington public adjusters. We also provide a wide array of Broward public adjusters services including Deerfield Beach public adjusters, Pompano Beach public adjusters, Fort Lauderdale public adjusters, and so many others all the way down to Miami.

Or read more about our insurance claims services and categories including sinkhole damage claims, small or large fire damage claims, flood or water damage claims, boat or marine damage claims, mildew or mold damage claims, business commercial damage claims, home roof damage claims, nasty smoke damage claims, theft claims or vandalism damage claims, common wind damage claims and windstorm damage claims, seasonal hurricane damage claims, and every type of home, property, or business damage claim you could need.

• It is important to be cautious when signing authorization forms with third parties such as disaster restoration firms.

• You may want to consult with your public insurance adjuster and attorney before signing anything.

• By signing you may be assigning your valuable rights to them and impacting your Palm Beach County insurance claims.

Reliant Adjusters Group Inc. will handle all of your insurance filing needs as part of our service to ensure that you receive the maximum pay out for your claim.

Before you file on your own and potentially give the insurance companies all the ammo they need to shortchange you on the payout, talk to a Reliant Adjuster specialist on the phone. Contact us for more information today.

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