mold damage claim || mold spores on roof

07 Dec Tips For Submitting A Mold Damage Claim

Discovering mold in your home can be an incredibly taxing experience for any homeowner. Unsightly mold can enter your home through doors, windows, air ducts, pets, and 100s of other avenues. Coupled with South Florida’s high humidity and constant downpours, mold spores can grow exponentially...

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woman nervous working on plumbing leak

30 Nov How To Detect A Plumbing Leak

Suffering from a hidden plumbing leak can be a disaster, especially if you haven’t even realized a leak is occurring. Water leaking from your pipes can cause significant damage throughout your home and even lead to mold spores forming which can ultimately lead to severe...

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roof leak | roof stain from rain damage

27 Sep How To Tell If You Have A Roof Leak

As South Florida continues to get pummeled by the daily onslaught of heavy thunderstorms throughout the rainy season, it’s vital that homeowners keep a close eye on their roofs. According to the U.S. Census, roughly 35-40% of all homes in the tri-county area were built...

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