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Has Your Home, Business, or Property Been Damaged?

FACT: Policyholders who hired a public adjuster for non-catastrophic claims received 574% more money than those
who did not hire a public insurance adjuster according to average claims data.

Our team will assist you from start to finish, leading you every step from prep to the presentation of the claim. We will assist you with regards to filling out the right forms, preparing inventory lists, estimating damages and coverage, even help find a temporary place for you to live in… plus anything else you may need.

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Don’t settle for a low insurance settlement.

Our Treasure Coast Public Adjusters are highly trained, incredibly experienced, and driven to get YOU the maximum value on YOUR insurance claim.

Reliant insurance adjusters have built a strong reputation across the Treasure Coast (and all of Palm Beach County) by consistently getting clients the highest returns on their damages, and we are a leading public adjusting company across all of South Florida. If you need a public adjuster in Treasure Coast to file your property insurance claim, marine claim, water damage claim, commercial claim, vandalism claim, fire damage claim, smoke damage claim, or hurricane damage claim (or other storm damage claim) then you have found the best in the business at representing you and your interests.
Treasure Coast Public Adjusters

Treasure Coast Public Adjusters

We Make Sure the Insurance Company Can’t Minimize Your Payout!

For more details, please call our office (561) 929-9826.

Treasure Coast Insurance Claims

Public insurance adjusters in Treasure Coast.Reliant Adjusters is your best option for a big settlement when it comes to Treasure Coast public adjusters and filing insurance claims in Treasure Coast.

We back this up with facts, industry experience, and a track record of excellent returns.

We also service a large number of clients on the Treasure Coast of Florida because it is a popular place for visitors and residents alike. The area has around 580k residents, some of which are full-time residents and others that reside during the more pleasant winter months. The Treasure coast gets its name from a historic Spanish fleet of ships that wrecked off its coast in the 1700’s. Some of the largest towns along the treasure coast are Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Hobe Sound, and Palm City.

We have a long history of servicing insurance claims on the Treasure Coast and have a long track record of getting our clients the largest claims on their insurance adjustments in this zone.

The Best Public Insurance Adjusters in Treasure Coast

Reliant Adjusters Group has years of experience with negotiating property insurance claims for the public in the Treasure Coast area, specifically in the Martin and St. Lucie counties.

In fact, we were recently hired as a public adjuster to represent a client in the Stuart area who suffered from a plumbing leak which damaged their wood floors.

The water leak caused the wood flooring to expand and lift. Wood flooring is commonly damaged as a result of water coming into contact with it. Sometimes the water travels under the wood floors and is only visible once it escapes through the joints between each board. This usually shows up as dark discoloration marks around the board joints which will widen as time progresses.

Some wood flooring is labeled as engineering flooring. This is created by gluing a thin wood veneer to a thicker piece of plywood. We have seen occasions where water comes in contact with the veneer and debonds it from the plywood and starts to lift.

If water becomes trapped in your wood flooring it is important to start the drying process as soon as possible. During the drying process, the wood floors will generally start to shrink and the flooring planks may start to separate. Glued down applications of wood flooring may cause even more of a burden since a special machine may be required to remove the floors. If the floors are not properly dried the chances of mold growth increases greatly.

During the claims process, you may receive many different opinions as to how to properly repair your floors.

Some may feel that sanding is a proper method for removing discoloration and re-staining to match other areas of flooring. Some may feel that the only way to properly restore your home is to remove all the flooring and start fresh.

If you feel frustrated with the process or would like to avoid possible frustrations during the claims process then you should hire proper representation such as a public adjuster to help properly negotiate the insurance claim for you. Your public adjuster will do the research and help determine the proper method to restore your property. As private adjusters, we work on a contingency fee only.

We only get paid if you receive a check for your loss.

Hiring professional representation will not only relieve the stress of having to do it on your own, but most importantly will increase your chances of getting your claim settled correctly.

If you live in the Treasure Coast area, call Reliant Adjusters Group today to discuss your property insurance claim.

Save Time and Money with Reliant Adjusters

Many people don’t usually read the fine print (terms and conditions) thoroughly before buying insurance policies.

Property insurance policies, in particular, are usually complex and difficult to understand; and there can be different endorsements that make it very hard for the layperson to figure out exactly what is what. Filing a property insurance claim is not as easy as it may seem when you purchase the policy and talk to the insurance rep selling you the insurance. You should have a good understanding of all the policies set forth by the insurance company for providing coverage.  Yet in the business of the modern world and everyone’s daily duties and life responsibilities, who has the free time (or desire) to read through so many pages of property insurance policies. That is one of the primary benefits of hiring a public insurance claims adjuster – the ease, the experienced guidance, and the assurance that you will not only be getting a fair settlement but as large of one as you qualify for.

Here at Reliant Adjusters Group, our Public Adjusters routinely represent insurance claims for homes, businesses, and public buildings. Let us help you get the most for your Treasure Coast insurance claims. We can help you collect hundreds to thousands in larger settlement sums than when if you submit your property insurance claim on your own. Whether you are looking for a St. Lucie County public adjuster or any of the best Treasure Coast public adjusters, you can always contact Reliant Adjusters Group for help.

For more details, please call our office (561) 929-9826.

Don’t live in the Treasure Coast or need an insurance claim filed in a different city?

We cover all your South Florida public adjusters needs, providing Palm Beach County public adjusters including Boynton Beach public adjusters, Delray Beach public adjusters, West Palm Beach public adjusters, Lake Worth, Jupiter public adjusters, Palm Beach public adjusters, Boca Raton public adjusters, Juno Beach public adjusters, and Wellington public adjusters. We also provide a wide array of Broward public adjusters services including Deerfield Beach public adjusters, Pompano Beach public adjusters, Fort Lauderdale public adjusters, and so many others all the way down to Miami.

Or read more about our insurance claims services and categories including sinkhole damage claims, small or large fire damage claims, flood or water damage claims, boat or marine damage claims, mildew or mold damage claims, business commercial damage claims, home roof damage claims, nasty smoke damage claims, theft claims or vandalism damage claims, common wind damage claims and windstorm damage claims, seasonal hurricane damage claims, and every type of home, property, or business damage claim you could need.

• It is important to be cautious when signing authorization forms with third parties such as disaster restoration firms.

• You may want to consult with your public insurance adjuster and attorney before signing anything.

• By signing you may be assigning your valuable rights to them and impacting your Treasure Coast insurance claims.

Reliant Adjusters Group Inc. will handle all of your insurance filing needs as part of our service to ensure that you receive the maximum pay out for your claim.

Before you file on your own and potentially give the insurance companies all the ammo they need to shortchange you on the payout, talk to a Reliant Adjuster specialist on the phone. Contact us for more information today.

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