Vandalized Car? Here’s What You Need To Know

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29 Mar Vandalized Car? Here’s What You Need To Know

While it’s always been a big issue throughout the area, car vandalization and car break-ins have become a serious worry for many South Floridians. Vandals have been caught walking throughout neighborhoods in the middle of the night and break into any car they seem fit. Many have been caught on home surveillance cameras showing them bashing into cars and stealing any valuables, slashing tires, siphoning gas, etc.

Finding your car has been vandalized can be incredibly disheartening. If you do have comprehensive auto insurance, you can always file a claim with them for any repairs needed. Unfortunately, you may not receive the amount needed to get the repairs done.

If you’ve had a car vandalized, here are the steps needed to ensure you get the most on your claim.

Document Everything

The first step to getting the right amount on your claim is to document as much as possible on your vandalized car is to get everything documented. If you or your neighbors have security cameras such as Ring or other brands, be sure to download and save that footage. That will be vital in proving what exactly happened and when it happened. Make notes of any scratches, dents, break-ins, etc. Photos are extremely valuable during the reporting process. The more details you can provide on your vandalized car, the more the insurance company can assist you.

File A Police Report

Once you’ve documented your vandalized car, the next step is to file a police report. You have the option of either going to your local police department or calling them to your home. For their report, they will request any photos you’ve taken, along with as much detail as you can provide on what happened when it happened, and anything else you may know. Be sure to be as detailed as possible, as this will be vital when handing it over to the insurance company. The police will ask for your license, proof of insurance, and registration. Make sure to get at minimum two copies, one to keep and one for the insurance company to have.

Get Any Damages Assessed And The Deductible Paid

Once you file your claim, the insurance company will typically provide you with a list of their preferred auto body and repair shops in the area for your vandalized car. Once you take your vehicle in, you’ll have to pay your deductible. This amount varies entirely on your coverage plan. Note that not paying your deductible will lead to the insurance company not paying the remainder of your claim.

What To Do If You Get Denied

Sadly, your instance can still deny coverage if they feel they don’t have enough to confirm what happened. There could be several reasons as to why they don’t agree to cover the damage of your vandalized car. Make sure to get a letter of denial detailing out the reasons for the denial. Once you receive that, the next step is to reach out to a public adjuster. They’ll work with you and the insurance company to ensure you get the proper amount to get your vehicle repaired. While you can reach out to an attorney, this can lead to a very lengthy and costly process.

Let The Reliant Adjusters Group Help With Your Vandalized Car Claim

Before looking for a South Florida adjuster, be sure to contact the team at Reliant Adjusters Group. The team consists of vandalism damage public adjusters, water damage public adjuster experts, mold damage experts, and much more. Simply contact us today and our team will be sure to get in touch with you as soon as they can.


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