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Wind Damage Claims

Reliant Adjuster Group is a licensed public adjuster consulting for homeowners, businesses, condos and commercial property owners by assessing the value of all visible and hidden damages to maximize your claim. We offer public insurance adjusters services for the areas in Royal Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Treasure coast area and Port St Lucie County.

High winds are a part of life in Florida, and especially so down here in South Florida where we have an entire season devoted to storm preparedness.

Hurricane Insurance

If you don’t have hurricane coverage as part of your insurance you want to speak with an adjuster about your circumstances to see if it is warranted and what you can get covered. Like Hurricane Matthew last year, hurricanes typically form over warm water in the tropical oceans and can last up to a few weeks wreaking havoc in their path.

Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes typically cause broken windows, roof lifting, flooding, moisture damage that can lead to mold, destroyed doors, ruined in-ground pools, loss of shingles and roof tiles, collapsed end gables, fire damage and so on. Reliant Adjusters Group Inc. can handle your entire insurance claim filing for hurricane damage as part of our service or file certain types of damage under your wind damage insurance claims.

Tornado Damage

Tornadoes also consist of strong winds of up to 300 miles per hour. It is a violently rotating column of air that can cause an immense amount of destruction in a short space of time. The lifespan of a tornado can be a few seconds to a few hours with the largest documented tornado being 2.5 miles wide. Generally speaking, these violent columns of wind are approximately 0.5 miles wide. Tornadoes can cause mobile homes to become airborne, turn glass and debris into lethal shrapnel and rip a home to shreds in minutes. Reliant Adjusters Group Inc. can handle your entire insurance claim filing for tornado damage as part of our service or again if needed, file wind damage claims to cover part or all of these wind damages.

Lightning Damage

Lightning is so common in Florida that experts have named Florida the lightning capital of the world, also known as the lightning alley. It is commonly associated with strong storms, high winds, and hail in Florida… and little is spared in its path. After a large lightning storm in Florida, trees that have been hit will often have broken limbs, and if these limbs are close enough to your home, they will be picked up by the wind and hurled around, causing severe damage to a roof, walls, windows, and screen enclosures. Make sure to document the damages before removing or disposing any items from a lightning storm. Lightning is also known to cause major electrical problems in Florida homes. Appliances, security systems, and home electronics are usually the first to suffer damages. A lightning strike that makes contact with a roof can create roof damage and an opening to allow water to leak into the attic and home. Contact a licensed Florida public insurance adjuster to help assist with the investigation and assessment of inventory. Reliant Adjusters group has the knowledge and skill to help assist you with lightning strike claims, storm damage insurance claims, and any wind damage insurance claims you may need to file to get the best settlement.

Wind Damage to Roof Insurance Claim

Strong windstorms can cause more than just a messy garden in your neighborhood, in some instances, serious damage can occur to your roof. If you need to file a roof wind damage insurance claim through whatever insurance company handles your wind damage insurance, then you need an expert adjuster on your side to ensure that you don’t end up receiving the minimum value on your wind damage to roof insurance claim. It can be the difference of tens of thousands of dollars.

Wind Damage Insurance

Windstorm damage in Florida is a common concern for many homeowners and is the basis for many wind damage insurance claims in the area. High winds might not directly hit your home, but can still have a devastating effect on the structure. From the middle of summer to the end of November, residents of Florida are on high alert for strong windstorms. After a windstorm has wreaked its havoc, the process of recovery must begin. Recovery from windstorm damage can only begin when you file a windstorm damage insurance claim with your Florida home damage insurance provider. Take the time to consult with a public adjuster to ensure that you can have the best settlement claim negotiated on your behalf. Make sure your insurance policy offers cover for windstorm damage without exceptions if you want to have a guaranteed insurance payout in the event of a windstorm.

What can Reliant Adjusters offer in terms of a Wind Damage to Roof Insurance Claim?

At Reliant Adjusters in Florida, we understand that a windstorm can be a terrifying experience. Whether your home has suffered damage to the roof, windows, main building or similar, you are bound to be quite shaken up by the experience. Make sure you don’t get yourself signed into any recovery firm contracts until you have spoken to an insurance claims adjuster first.

• It is important to be cautious when signing authorization forms with third parties such as disaster restoration firms.

• You may want to consult with your public insurance adjuster and attorney before signing anything.

• By signing you may be assigning your valuable rights to them and impacting your wind damage insurance claims.

Our public adjusters will scrutinize your insurance policy to see how you are covered for wind damage claims. Reliant Adjusters Group Inc. can handle your entire wind damage insurance claim filing as part of our service. To learn more about our wind and storm damage claim filing assistance, contact us at Reliant Adjusters today.

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