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Reliant Adjusters Group offers Private Adjuster Claims Assistance (Public Adjusting) for:

water damage, fire damage, roof damage, hurricane/storm/wind damage claims, mold damage, vandalism claims, theft claims, and more.

How Can We Help You?

Reliant Adjusters Group is a licensed, professional public insurance adjusters group in the state of Florida, providing private adjuster services. The sole purpose of our business is to represent the interests of residential or commercial property owners who have suffered an insured loss. We believe the way for clients to obtain a fair settlement from insurance companies is to be represented by an experienced private insurance adjuster who understands the nuances of the region and policies.

Do You Have Questions?

We are always happy to answer questions and help you understand if you have a claim that needs a private adjuster. So if you have suffered any type of property damage insurance loss in Florida and you’re not happy with your settlement, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to look into your claim.

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Our Private Adjuster Services

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    Water Damage Private Adjusters

    There are three main types of water damage that can occur: fresh water damage, grey water damage and black water damage. Call our private adjusters for assistance with water damage claims.

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    Mold Damage Private Adjusters

    Water and mold damage often go hand in hand for homeowners, businesses, and property owners. A well qualified private adjuster will walk you through both processes to ensure you get the maximum settlement for your claims.

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    Roof Damage Private Adjusters

    The type and extent of the roof damage that you are faced with will also depend on the style of the roof and the materials that are used. Call a private adjuster at Reliant for all the insider information.

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    Smoke Damage Private Adjusters

    Smoke damage in Florida is something that requires professional assistance, as just about everything in its path will be damaged. A private adjuster will ensure that your smoke damage is paid out properly.

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    Vandalism Damage Private Adjusters

    Vandalism claims can be complicated and time consuming, and without an private adjuster, the settlement from their insurance provider is often disappointing. Call us for more details.

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    Collapse Damage Private Adjuster

    Cracking, bulging, sagging, leaning, bending or shrinking may all be considered a collapse and you should seek a professional for assistance. Contact our private adjusters for more info.

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    Theft Damage Private Adjuster

    In your general policy terms, theft damage to your home can include damage from burglaries such as broken windows and doors. Contact our private adjusters for more info.

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    Fire Damage Private Adjuster

    When dealing with the effects of a fire outbreak, it is important to avoid making mistakes regarding the restoration of your property. A private adjuster will help with this.

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    Wind Damage Private Adjuster

    Recovery from windstorm damage can only begin when you file an insurance claim with your Florida home damage insurance provider. A private adjuster will help with this.

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    Sinkhole Damage Private Adjuster

    The dramatic and unexpected appearance of a sink hole can cause extensive damage to your home. The private adjusters here at the Reliant Group can help to maximize your claims.

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